À travers des prestations de service sur mesure, nous couvrons également les domaines d’intervention suivants:

  • RPO – Recruitment Process Outsourcing: The implementation and management of outsourcing processes for the recruitment function in companies within the framework of large-scale projects, recurring recruitments, or more specific needs. Our experience allows us to intervene on global projects as well as on projects dedicated to a Business Unit, or to a type of position.

  • Talent Management – Assessment Center: the development of competency frameworks and the deployment of individual and collective evaluation systems in order to analyze and report on the strengths and development points of your employees. The recommendations resulting from these projects also lead us to implement personalized coaching and training services.

  • Employment and skills management : Assistance and implementation of forward-looking management plans for the company’s human capital in order to better anticipate the effects of economic, technological, social and demographic changes on employment, as well as short and medium-term human resources needs.